My Blogosphere blog awards outfit


If you didn’t already know then I had the honour of being a Blogosphere Award winner (yay!) and I have had an large amount of compliments and questions on my outfit.

I do appreciate looking great but my bank account appreciates me being modest with my spending. Therefore I am going to share with you not only where I purchased this reasonably priced dress from but also how you’re going to get it even cheaper (love a good bargin).

JustNadiene Blogosphere awards

JustNadiene Blogosphere awards outfit
H&M dress (RRP £17.99 wearing size 8), Shoes: Vintage New Look Fashion shoes (£19.99)

If £17.99 was not good enough H&M now have a “H&M club” which is linked to their app, which you can download to your phone. When you join it you can get 10% off your first purchase.

In terms of fit I usually wear a size 8 in order to be comfortable I have pretty much an hour glass shape. I really like thay the style covered enough for me to wear a strapless bra but at the same time it looked like I wore nothing. I’d definitely buy this style again.

The shoes I wore were a vintage pair from New Look Fashion but I remember that they were a bargin at only £19.99 and so gorgeous.

If you plan on heading out immediately then you’ll be even more pleased to know that today I found the is dress on sale for £10!!!!



If you do get it then let me know what you think of it and tag me in on some photos.

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