Quick breakfast choice


I am still obsessing about having my breakfast and so here is an alternative idea to my previous post.

This is super simple and easy to make you can do it and it really quickly before heading out for the day. This is yoghurt with mixed frozen berries and oat muesli with cacao nibs.

I really like this because it again made me feel like I was having a treat but at the same time I knew it was super healthy for me and we’ll make me have a good start to the day.

You notice that I again had mixed berries because they’re my favourite! Those with cacao nibs makes it feel like a treat and to make it a little bit different I used coconut yoghurt instead of plain.

I also used frozen berries because it means that I had more time to store them and don’t have to worry about them turning mouldy in a couple of days.

Why don’t you try liquidising the berries with the yoghurt and enjoy a flavoured yoghurt as an alternative?

Let me know what you think in the comments below about this breakfast and I will look forward to reading them.

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