Mayfield Lavender field – A day filled with Lavender


Yesterday my bestie and I went to the Mayfield Lavender field. It was absolutely breathtaking how surprisingly large it was and we were lucky enough to have great weather for it.

Before we arrived the air was filled with the sweet scent of lavender which it so relaxing.

We walked the entire length immediately after parking as it is busy nearer to the entrance.

Luckily it meant we were able to get some really great photo opportunities. The sun was scorching hot so we did have to head back to sit in the shade of a massive tree.

They have a gift store so I picked up my own lavender plant along with a bunch in order to make my own lavender treats. I think I will start first with Lavender ice cream. (Wish me luck)

What I loved about the gift store was that you learn which types of lavender they grow. It helped me realise that my favourite scent comes from the French “Grosso” lavender plant.

Overall we did have an amazing day visiting Mayfield and i’m so greatful when I get to share these experiences with my bestie.

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  1. Tanja says:

    beautiful! pretty dress:)

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