I posted my latest french toast serving to my instagram and was asked what the fruit was a few times so I thought I would introduce to you the pineberry. It is honestly a favourite of mine however they are very difficult to come across.  The reason why I know about them was because tesco and waitress went through a phase of selling unusual fruit and this one was my favourite. No ways days Harrows tends to stock it the most frequently in the food court.

Back to the pineberry, they actually aren’t rare I hear they are very common in South America (I know where I need to visit next). They have an appreciation of a white strawberry but smaller in size. Some say that they have a pineapple – like flavour and I would agree they do not taste like a strawberry however I would say it is subtle but unique.

I would also recommend the strasberry which to me, looks and tastes like a perfect mix between a strawberry and a raspberry although not actually a hybrid between the two.


Let me know if you have tasted any unusual fruit and what they are like.

N xox

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